Milliona's Thinking OEM & ODM

As an OEM & ODM companyCentering on contract manufacturing for basic cosmetics and quasi-drugs, Milliona Cosmetics also undertakes contract manufacturing for various health and food products. At Milliona Cosmetics, we produce cosmetics with high added-value of a class only we can deliver. For customers looking to cosmetics as a new area of business, we utilize the experience and technology we have cultivated over the years to provide product development that is sure to leave you satisfied.

Product creation process

  • STEP.01

    Concept development

    Our sales staff will work closely with you in determining the product you desire (concept, design, market, quantity, etc.).

  • STEP.02

    Product design

    We will develop a product formula that is tailored to your request.

  • STEP.03

    Trial manufacture & inspection

    After the trial product is complete, you will be able to test and evaluate it. We will continue product trials until we find the product that meets your needs.

  • STEP.04

    Finalizing the product

    After confirming all the details, we will start preparing the necessary items for your product such as raw materials, containers and cosmetic packages.

  • STEP.05

    Pharmaceutical regulatory applications

    We will fill out the pharmaceutical applications necessary in getting your product to market.

  • STEP.06


    We will manufacture the cosmetic's bulk ingredients.

  • STEP.07


    Upon receiving the containers, packages and bulk ingredients, we will begin production while enforcing strict quality management.

  • STEP.08


    We will carry out examinations of the finished product. After these have been passed, the products will be shipped according to their date of delivery.

  • STEP.09

    Product delivery

    From repeat orders to proposals for product renewals and additions to existing series, we are able to provide a wide range of follow-up services after product delivery.

List of available OEM & ODM products

Proposed Cosmetics

  • Basic skin care products

    Toners Gels Serums Lotions Creams Gel-type cosmetics

  • Cleansing cosmetics

    Cleansing Body shampoo Deodorant Soap Face wash

  • Haircare cosmetics

    shampoo Conditioner Hair treatment Hair lotion Hair styling products Hair tonic

  • Makeup cosmetics

    Makeup primer Foundation Lipstick Eyeliner Eyeshadow Water-based nail polish

  • Other

    Sun protection cosmetics Baby cosmetics Organic cosmetics Bath additives Nail cosmetics Perfume/Cologne Face masks Pet cosmetics


  • Skincare

    Brightening lotion Brightening essence Brightening cream Lotion for acne Primer cream Brightening gel cream

  • Body Care

    Body soap Face wash CleansingHand cream Hand soap Sunscreen

  • Haircare

    Hair growth agents Shampoo (mildly acidic) Hair treatment

  • Other

    Deodorizing cream and lotion Hair removal lotion Hair removal cream Depilatory cream Mouth wash Tooth paste Bath additives

Q.What kind of items can you manufacture?

From the basic toner to UV protection cosmetics, we apply the latest technology and process for all of our cosmetics production. Quasi-drug production is also one of our strength. Overall, please feel free to contact us.

Q.Please tell us more about the delivery.

For our new customers, it is possible to receive the products within 1 to 3 months. However, please note the duration varies depends on the prescription, process and quantities. For more details, please contact our sales representative directly.

Q.What is the minimum quantity required for production?

Usually the contract starts with a minimum of 500 products. However, adjustment is needed in order to meet the minimium capacity of the equipments. For more dteails, please contact our sales representative directly.

Q.We want to make a product that is similar to the products that are existing in the market, will this be possible?

We are always try to improve and keep our technologies and production methods up to date. With the technologies we have, it is possible to make similar products to the one exist in the market. However, we can give you the better suggestions that meets your satisification.

Q.Would it be possible to produce a product based on the materials that was given by us?

It is possible to use materials provided by the customer if the safety of the materials has been verified and there is documentation certifying this. Please note that we cannot use materials that are unstable or create inconsistent lot sizes.

Q.Please tell us more about the cost.

We offer a various range of specification.We will give you the plan that works best with your budgets.

Q.Please tell us more about the product trail.

After the decision of the concept, specification and direction are made, we will provide a product trail for you. Athough the duration will be varied depends on the contents, it will ususally take up to 2 weeks for us to deliver the trail. Until the product can be satisified as a commercial moditiy, we will provide trails in any number of times free of charge.

Q.Is it possible to mix the ingredients that we want?

It is possible if the stability and safety can be confirmed. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Q.Is it possible for you to help us export the goods that was already made?

We offer helps on product export and its procedures.※ English support is also available.

Q.Any suggetsions for the container, package and design?

Our in-house designers can provide you the design. First of all, please let us know your preferred design. We can also help arrange anything related to container and packaging box, rest is assurred and please feel free to contact us.

Q.Although we are from a different industry, but we are thinking of investing in the cosmetics business. As this is our first time to handling cosmetic products, will you provide any consulting services?

Our in-house designers can provide you the design. First of all, please let us know your preferred design. We can also help arrange anything related to container and packaging box, rest is assurred and please feel free to contact us.